New Zealand Students  

Pilot training is provided by introducing flight education with a high standard of safety and accuracy. We believe in a high standard of professional aviation goals.


Light Sport Aviation Certificate :

Lessons are tailor-made packages to accommodate flying at Mercer Airport.  We can customise a package to complete your training while becoming a Lightsport aircraft pilot or converting to a Private Pilots License.  Join us, to view the awesome sights of North and South Auckland.

Learning to fly in a Light Sport Aircraft is much less expensive than most people realise. Plan your time commitment and your budget. You can qualify for a recreational pilot certificate in less than 30 hours of training and 10-12 hours of ground school.

This recreational pilot certificate will allow you to travel cross-country and carry a passenger with you.

Private Pilots License:

Do you want to expand your horizon to achieve your Private Pilots License?

Conversion to Private Pilots License: You can carry over the hours from your Recreational/ Lightsport Pilots License to finalise your hours for a Private Pilots License. Please contact us for more information.

Please enquire for rates.

International Students:

International Students are welcome. We teach all our flying training in English language. Accommodation is available at Mercer Backpackers, which is at the Mercer Airport.

For more information you can go to:   or call - 09 232 6767


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